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I had admitted that it was wrong to say misogynist comments as it distorted the whole purpose of this thread and more importantly mislead you all to thinking I am a person lacking morals and ethics. Most of you replied to share your thoughts on my "misogynistic post" rather than wish me luck and I take blame for this. Although I previously admitted it was wrong and edited my OP after only one or two comments, I will apologize one more time. A man is completely 100% capable of committing such a thing, and I even stated so in a response to Sehr Schnell. If it was an old fellow who hit my car, women would have been replaced with "old people." It was me just misplacing my anger.

It sucks to have a bunch of people attacking me, but you know what, it means I did something wrong, so I'll learn from it!

PS: I absolutely love women.... Or is that too generalized ?

Originally Posted by 6spdg37s View Post
side note. if you claim it as a hit and run that should not make your insurance go up right ? cause you werent even in the car when it got hit

sidenote: I am very lucky that both my mother and my GF are very good drivers.
No my insurance will not be affected.
Hopefully this camera got her.

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Don't worry OP, we won't think of you as a misogynist. Everyone here considers their car to be their life partner so we all understand how you feel. If it makes you feel better, this happened to me my first week of college in Manhattan. I parked away from everyone else, went inside for 5 minutes to get a sandwich, and then walked out to this. No notes or contact info or anything. $5000 repair fee and severe depreciation.
Ugh! Hate to see this man! This definitely enlightens my situation as the damage done to your car is far worse!
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Op that sucks good luck with the whole ordeal. I've gone through it, I'm sure many of us have. Both times it happened to me i couldn't find the scum. First time was my brand new 05 350z side swiped completely down the passenger side 5k in damage. Second was a brand new 08 evo x. Someone opened there door extra hard and left a beautiful crease in the passenger door. These are the reasons that led me to buy my ///M used. It all boils down to how people are raised. I would leave a note if i backed into a bicycle. Btw I'm in west Milford i work in Lincoln park, best of luck neighbor.
Thanks for the kind support! Nice to know were from the same area
That is what bothers me the most. I would never leave the scene of hitting a car. And if I ever did, the guilt would kill me.
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