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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
True, X boost at Y RPM is always nice to work with. This versus tuning for the 'onset' of boost which can be different depending on exhaust gas flow at the turbine.

The 7 series runs quite good given I'm using the stock DME with a 4" MAF and they didn't even use MAF's back then! But only so much you can do with such outdated technology. And it is not using an FMU, everything is 100% run through Motronic 1.3, 8 bit. Useless. Makes much more sense to use a MAP based system, so that's my next project

And yes, o2 sensor placement is very important - not only for an accurate reading but for fuel trim correction as well.

(I let off on the shift because I'm afraid my automatic will explode)

agree 100%; ditch the maf for a good map/speed density setup