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Originally Posted by DBH View Post
OP, you are doing the worst kind of driving that can be done - especially during break in. Please, at least take it out on the weekends for a good spin - 70+ mph for at least 1/2 hour. You've got to get all fluids up to operating temp as often as possible.

You've obviously right but you can't drive 70+ mph anywhere around here - I'm in LA!!!

But seriously, I know that I'm probably running the worst break-in conditions but there's not much I can do about it, as I'm too busy with work, family, etc. I have taken it for a number of 10-20 min drives around town at night with the roof down so at least it's getting a little love

BTW, I spoke with my SA today (he's VERY knowledgeable about M cars in particular) and he told me that the break-in timer takes 3 things into account in its formula:

- Oil level
- Number of on/off cycles

I honestly think I'm confusing the car because I drive it such short distances that the oil level never has enough time to be registered (except for a couple of times). My MPG is 9.6 and I still run normal on/off cycles compared to everyone else who is driving further. But I think the oil level is probably throwing my entire equation off a little.

Anyhow, my SA told me to bring the car in when the countdown hits 0, as it's important to make sure everything breaks-in as required (including the diff, engine, etc) BEFORE doing the 1,200. So that's what I'm going to do...

Final Note: A BIG thanks to Alyn for taking the time meet me yesterday. Beautiful car and really nice guy!

Thanks again for everyone's help,