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Originally Posted by herbz View Post
Lumia strengths over IP5
-larger (4.5") screen, higher res (1280x768) = higher dpi than iphone's
-touch screen can be used with gloves of any sort (no special type needed), there are videos of people controlling the lumia with spoons, erasers, etc.
-the camera on the Lumia blows any other modern smartphone's out of the water. the sensor is just flat out larger, no amount of software can make up for that.
-wireless charging
-no need for a case as the construction of the lumia is ridiculously solid

IP5 strengths over Lumia
-lighter, easier to use with one hand
-the Apple ecosystem blows WP8 out of the water and will until WP8 can gain any sort of traction. This is really the main advantage the IP has.
-although ios is stale it is still a good looking OS. WP8 definetely looks better than WP7 but MS needs to bring some "manly" looking colors such as grey, black. only colors WP7 devices have are bright and ugly. also some (including myself) are bothered by WP's "visual cue" to swipe in one direction by cutting of the text of titles. it looks ugly and is un necessary.

however, I've owned both an iphone and WP7 and i can say that WP7 is just as fluid and fast as iOS. despite the lack of apps i've lived with WP7 for a year now and aside from using an ipod touch to get on instagram and play scramble w/ friends i don't miss having an iphone at all. in fact the new ipod touches are ridiculous, i plan on getting one of those along with a lumia 920 and just tether the ipod to the 920 to get data. best of both worlds.
Ordering iPhones tomorrow. If i dont like it, i will be selling and purchasing a 920. Good review info, i like the looks and everything of the windows phone. Good to know its as solid an alternative as i had thought.