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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
100% Spot on sir. The days of Motronic are long gone. I actually have the Motronic 1.3 first adaptive Bosch ECU sitting behind me. It's an old school brick - particularly terrible when boost is introduced. It was fifty times harder to tune that DME for boost over something sophisticated like the MSS60 - this is a walk in the park!

And yes, if the fuel factor table ramp up is not set correctly on an S/C car, this can cause issues with inconsistent fueling. You're referring to the map at address 797xx I'm glad were on the same page.

SC is much easier on an old skool simple setup as one can set the timing and use a FMU for fuel control as the boost is linear and the FMU is boost dependent. Set it up and drive it. Turbo tuning is always more of an art as boost is totally diff