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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
It varies by the club and the bottle. A bottle of Absolut vodka could go for $400, while a bottle of Chopin vodka could be around $550. They key is to find out how many people the club will let spilt the bottle. Usually they say 3-4 people per bottle, so if you have a group of 8, you would definitely need two bottles. Depending on who's in your group of 5 will determine if you can get away with one bottle or not. If you happen to be a group of 2 guys and 3 girls, then the club may allow one bottle for your group. If you are a group of 5 guys, expect to buy two bottles.

When you decide which club to go to, call before your trip to make reservations especially since it will be NYE. They will put you in touch with a host who can answer your bottle service questions and set up your reservation. This will be the person you contact when you are making your way to the club as well, so they have a heads up to meet you at the entrance in order to seat your group.
It should somewhere around 3-4K for 10-12 people. $400-500 is regular nights. I remember we were trying to get a bottle last year in pure and it was $3k. We ended up going to SF since I could not get enough people to go. Marquee is the top spot so don't expect less than $4-5k. Roughly $400-$600 per person. Prices should be out in mid-november. Not sure though.