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Originally Posted by Omar@VelosDesignwerks View Post
Are you serious right now? I said they could correct me if I am wrong out of respect. Even though we offer their product I would not want to speak on their system without making sure my facts are 100%. Trust me I know enough about FI and the way the S65 works to comment.

Just a little knowledge for you the car/ecu will adjust its ECU based on the conditions. These cars are all WIDEBAND, the ECU's goal is to maximize power within factory safety margins as long as the conditions allow it. This is a different form of tuning and kind of shocked that any of the "tuners" in this thread would question the AFR.

Check out a dyno database or even back to back runs on the same car and you will notice the afr's read a little different. Kind of the same reason I get so confused when I see everyone pushing their NA software and making it seem like these cars react the same way every time.

I can go into this some more if you still do not understand.

Please don't tell me I don't understand. I understand you tune for a value and the ECU targets a cetain value, but that is only w/in a certain range.

Example; put the car on kill and it will eventually die.

Omar, Please don't try and insult me, that last comment was fubar. I dunno if you remember me, but I paid you to do some work to my car, and I had to redo it the next day. So thanks.

I will PM you now; NOT to put you on blast on a public forum'

remember, you guys started this bullshit thread