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Originally Posted by Omar@VelosDesignwerks View Post
Figured this thread could use some good info for potential FI guys.. regarding AFR

From our understanding and knowledge the ESS software is designed to target low 11’s to high 12’s based on conditions and load. The higher the EGT, oil temps, load etc…the vehicle is experiencing the richer the AFR. When a vehicle is cool and is in more ideal conditions the software will adjust to run leaner in order to make more power. This is why when you see dyno’s of the ESS kits the AFR’s will often vary. Along with the fact that tail sniffers are sometimes off a bit. (ESS please correct me if I am wrong)
I'm sorry but saying ESS correct me if I'm wrong really makes me specualate @ your tuning ability. I for one would not feel comfortable with a sniffer that's "off" a little as this is the line between running good and a rod thrown out the side of the block. Also I wouldn't feel comfortable running boost on this car w/ AFRS anywheres' near 12; I 'd rather run the car a little fatter to be safe. Esp in South Florida