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Originally Posted by ///Murdock View Post
335 vs M3 no chance in any category...

and who are u to say to M5 is on its way out....

i've read smarter posts before.

i'm going to try and respond to your bumbling post without making myself look as asinine as you've managed to.

1) the title of this thread is "if M3 comes in too expensive, what would your next car be?". my answer was my 335i. no where in there did i mention anything about comparitive performance figures. that was your assumption. and in case you didn't know assumption is the mother of all F-ups. i'm not about to turn this thread into another one in a litany of 335i vs M3 threads.

2) who am i to say the the M5 is on its way out?? i'm me, an informed active particpant on this board... you must be that other guy. the current generation e60 m5 was released in 2004. in a few months, it will be in its 2008 MY of production. production on the e60 is set to cease in 2010. do the math. the car has only a few more years left in its lifecycle. it's on its way out.

if you want to get off on the right foot with this board, you should consider losing your derisive and antagonistic attitude.

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