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Originally Posted by mchm3 View Post
My kit didnt have a light, and my car blew up cause of your supercharger, and no responsibilty was taken, You guys actaully made me pay 2k to take my motor apart after it blew and made some excuse as it was a bmw oil failure that would of happened even if my cars was stock..... how many car have blown on your kit already 5-6 ??? Also my car was dct no overrevving. I have emails and pics to prove it, btw my car was the the matte green 4 door with copper wheels for reference
Sorry to hear about your car man.
I took my motor apart @ 50,000 miles to build a VT3 ,2008 M3 and i can assure you there is not an oil pump failure or bad bearings in these motors as some SC companies out there claimed after blowing multiple motors.
Its called TUNING blew you motor.
When you have a tune thats not 100% and starts detonating,the pistons start taking all the abuse and pound on the bearings causing wearing and after a while they fail.