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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
Would have to agree with all these comments as they reflect my personal experience. There are countless "faster" cars on track than my M but I am consistent and relentless and the car allows me that freedom. The M is a very easy car to drive fast and think that's where the true difference lies. Have driven a few cars on track now (miata, stang, lambo, Porsche) and would take my car over all as its just an easier car for me to go fast in while I could tell the others would be faster, but just a lot more work to get there. Once again these are all really fast cars, and it really is driver dependent, just think the M let's the worse driver look the best as its very forgiving and I definitely need a little forgiveness for my past indiscretions
The M IS very easy to it has lower limits than cars like a 911 (even more so if we are talking a GTx model) you can get closer to its max whereas in a 911 or Lambo that max is much higher and you need to learn and be better to really take advantage of it.
On the other hand, you could take a car like a Cayman S and run circles around most everyone as well because it's SO easy to drive and it has very high limits at the same time. Same with a GTR.
It's all about what you ultimately want. A person who learns to drive a 911 the way it should be will lay waste to nearly everyone and will be a better driver (generally speaking) than someone in something that masks and covers up novice driving.