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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Agreed. 13 @ redline is even leaner than the STOCK targets with no supercharger fitted.

The stock target at redline is .85 lambda, or 12.5:1 AFR.

From what I've seen the ESS VT625 kit targets .83 lambda, so unless they have decided to lean this out, it should theoretically be around 12.2:1 at redline.

(Another note, I didn't look to see if this was a VT625 dyno, maybe if it was a 600 or 535 they are running higher targets. Regardless of the kit, I think leaner than the stock targets is the wrong way to go).

Way too many AA vs ESS supercharger threads. I'm genuinely interested in what the eVolve system will do.

Jean, do you by change have an AFR reading from the AA dyno you posted in the OP? I would be curious to see what their fueling looks like.
The ESS VT625 kits have been posted several times with dyno charts. It would made clear that we did not "tighten" the clamp down on sniffer so we wouldn't damage the exhaust. A/f was fine during all runs/ testing, cars were also tested several months after install as a follow up and all is well.
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