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Right on Jean. Agreed,a question and topic that is posted way too often. We all can't give our experiences and it always just a handful of people getting in on this. I hit the track with Vettes and GTR's and AMG's and I have no complaints.

Originally Posted by Jean@VelosDesignwerks View Post

Sadly I have no experience with the other systems so I can not provide any feedback even if i wanted too.

Hey Mark, the term "better" is relative and only the end user can make that decision based on their research and needs.

However, you are correct: "Differences" would have been the politically correct term.

However, I am addressing a question that is posted way too often lately.

How many people have actually had the chance to tear down multiple systems? Not many.

Once you work with a system or for a company, you automatically believe in it and that it's the best. Regardless if you confidence is well placed or false.

I've had the chance to open up both systems on multiple occasions and drive them each for hours.

Thanks for appreciating the thread.