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Originally Posted by Jon@BA View Post
Good post. What about the other companies with S/Cs for the S65? It'd be nice to have an informative post including the other companies too and their pros/cons in your opinion - probably wouldn't have gotten this kind of attention.

Sadly I have no experience with the other systems so I can not provide any feedback even if i wanted too.

Originally Posted by VCMpower View Post
Maybe saying " Let us look at the system differences " rather than " Which is better."
Hey Mark, the term "better" is relative and only the end user can make that decision based on their research and needs.

However, you are correct: "Differences" would have been the politically correct term.

However, I am addressing a question that is posted way too often lately.

Originally Posted by Jon@BA View Post
Good point, although that gets put back to those asking the question he quotes. There are some who want the technical differences and some who just want the highest power output #. This thread itself is great, although should be done by someone with less bias (although you make a good point of having first hand experience, your experience would not be as valued due to your previous employment in the majority of the worlds point of view) and not leaving out other companies who have kits on the market. There's so many S/C E9X M3s out there that I bet this forum only accounts for 1/3 of them so who can say who has the most sold, or on the track solely etc. Keep in mind how many BMW forums there are.

Back on topic do you have dates of the dynos?

To make it clear I am not taking sides...but the informative thread doesn't seem transparently informative.
How many people have actually had the chance to tear down multiple systems? Not many.

Once you work with a system or for a company, you automatically believe in it and that it's the best. Regardless if you confidence is well placed or false.

I've had the chance to open up both systems on multiple occasions and drive them each for hours.

Thanks for appreciating the thread.