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Originally Posted by Jon@BA View Post
Or more so on the mindset you left that company in. Just sayin..

Good post. What about the other companies with S/Cs for the S65? It'd be nice to have an informative post including the other companies too and their pros/cons in your opinion - probably wouldn't have gotten this kind of attention.

The only other company worth mentioning would be VF and it would be unfair to comment on that system. Kudos to Nik and his team and we respect him for finally bringing a complete system to the market and not doing so until it was complete (VF has one of the first E9X M3's running a SC kit in the country) As far as Salman and his team at Evolve are concerned I respect the fact that he is patiently waiting to come to the market with a finished product. Salman chose to go a different route with the blower and I have watched Evolve reach where they are from just being a reseller. These are both companies that seem to be standing behind their product and offering the consumer a complete product.

Over the past couple of weeks there have been a number of people asking about the differences between the two systems mentioned in this thread. The fact that we understand the system better than the individuals that offer them I think it would make sense for us to come forward with the information. (Johnny and Andrew I am sure you understand this)

Standing behind a product is very important, but it is also good to know when to go back to the drawing board or choose a different route.

This thread along with its title were bold and meant to provide facts for the client interested in a SC kit. At the end of the day we are also enthusiasts and I too have my popcorn in hand .. with the keyboard close by.

edit: Johnny good job editing your post... and most "debates" aren't too informative in the first hour...

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