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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
First of all, never ever waste money like that on your wife...she wouldnt know a JLC from a Rolex or Chopard haha......just kiddin ya kinda...JLC's are esoteric and should be purchased by true watch lovers....

Back on topic, you have a bad watch...JLC's SHOULD keep great time.

You're prob using a cheap watch winder...mine didnt keep good time either until I bought a Wolf Modular 4.0 which winds watch 900 revolutions at a time in counter-clockwise....when I had cheaper Wolf model that did 600 revolutions, my JLC MCD didnt keep time worth a shit you're right.

Lastly, why would you send the watch back to Switerland when the JLC repair center for the US is near you in Fort Worth Texas???...mine is in Fort Worth right now getting sure you have a Jaeger?...maybe you have a Kaeger?....
oh no, she is all about having it without anyone knowing what it is. no way she is wearing a rolex. when she saw the Master Compressor Diving GMT Lady with a white alligator strap, i knew she was not budging. i bought the M3 as her DD, so why not a JLC. she earns enough to cover both.

i do not use a winder. i wear it every day. all my other automatics sit in the safe. are you putting your JLC on a winder every night if you wear it every day?

i did not send it back to switzerland. JLC US did as they apparently could not get it running properly. my wife's went to somewhere in the US when it was not keeping good time. we just each took them back to where we bought them. again, we both wear them every day. never felt as though i should have to have a winder unless i was swapping automatics all the time.

never heard of Kaeger.

my models attached. changed the face on mine a little since i got it.
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