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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
{A buyer} is getting almost $16,000 in parts for $10,000.
I don't mean to come acrross as argumentative; but, I really don't think so.
If you look closely at the accessories you listed you could conclude the following:

1) the paint job cost you quote is for one car done on a one time basis. But the true cost for doing 200 cars is going to be, I would say, half of that.
2) with regard to the exhaust (and this would apply to the other accessories,also) you should consider the fact that you "traded in" the exhaust that comes with all M3s, but you got no trade in value. BMW just puts it on another car and gets money for it. You, in the meantime, get charged full price for the performance exhaust.
When you sum up the true cost this way, Limerock accessories are worth a lot less than 16k.

One last point. If the base Limerock MSRP is $70,100, what is the base Limerock invoice price? With a 9% markup, it's about $64,000. The difference between the base invoice price of an "off the shelf" M3 ($55,290) and the base invoice price of a Limerock ($64,000) is going to get you close to what the true value is of all those accessories you listed. That would be $8,710.
Just some thoughts to help value the "exclusivity" component of this very beautiful car.