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Originally Posted by canadian stig
Originally Posted by PhillyNate View Post
I wasted 1:29 seconds on that POS he built...and from the looks of it, so did the builder.
what a douchebag comment. not everyone is a billionaire like yourself and can afford to take a private jet to italy to pick up the latest overpriced lamborghini from the factory and bring it back home to show it off to his buddies. That kid did something amazing. He made his childhood dream come true, or at least as much of it as he could given his limited resources. That's more than I can say about a lot of people (myself included, unfortunately).
Douchebag comment? I beg your pardon. Look no further than the assumptions made by yourself about me to find total douchebaggery. This is my opinion of the video and what I was expecting to see. Not the builders current financial state or socioeconomic status. In other words calm the fuck down.
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