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Originally Posted by VF-Engineering View Post
Slide in core designs provide for a dynamic installation as Heavy manifolds do not need to be shipped back and forth especially for overseas owners and you do not have to wait for 4 days of added shipping to your installation time.

Manifold core size or air charge blow by is not a concern with designs that are engineered with these factors in mind from the outset.

The dyno plot showing the VF620 performing 484whp is misleading because the vehicle was experiencing an issue which was corrected the following week and put down over 520whp on the same dyno (EAS) just a few days later - just wanted to clear that up.


Custom VF-intake manifold w/slide-in air:water heat exchanger

This is a dyno of the performance you receive with our Entry-level system:

VF540 STD Correction

Thanks to tom and EAS for all these dynos and pictures!
Two seperate VF cars were dyno tested at the event. Are you saying both VF620 kits that were dyno tested that day were having issues? One dyno tested at 484 whp and another at 479 whp.