Thread: BBK or Panerai?
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Originally Posted by WRXXX View Post
No, its not true. Have you been to a watch factory. I mean a real watch factory? My friend's dad is an sales exec for IWC in HK. The cost of the watch is much, much more then $500. Also if you take into consideration the amount of marketing, design and testing they do, it becomes even more.

I just bought a samsung galaxy s3 for a bit over $500. It can tell time, date, GPS location, maps, send email, surf the internet, send email, sms, run games and apps, take pictures, video, etc. Oh and it can also make a phone call. If a watch that can't even do 99.99% of that, and the one thing it does (i.e. tell time) is even less accurate than the phone, yet costs way more than $500, then maybe IWC and the rest of those fancy watchmakers need to improve the efficiency of their R&D and manufacturing