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Climate Control has a mind of it's own?

Driving home from work yesterday with the sunroof open, turned off the AC/Heater/Climate Control by turning the fan all the way off. A few minutes later my hands started getting cold - I look down and it's back on. So I turn it off again, and start watching. Over the course of a 16 mile drive, it turned itself back on 7 times. Sometimes after 3+ minutes, sometimes after 30 seconds.

Has anyone encountered this? I'm using the same keyfob. I wonder if it's a setting I've been unaware of that somehow got updated (although I haven't been in for service in 5 months, haven't been playing in iDrive, etc).

Kept an eye on it this morning on my way into the office. It stayed off the entire ride, but the sunroof wasn't open either.
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