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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
I'm way out of my elements on this one, since I usually never take portraits... I figured, eh, might as well give it a try. I hope you guys like it.

Red scarf
as you requested, sir:
framing overall: when there is more space between the back of the head and the frame edge than there is between the nose and the frame edge, this creates a sense of tension in the subject. could be very desirable if the subjects faces matches this. however, she has a very calm/serene look to her with a very slight smile. even though her mouth doesn't show the slight smile, her eyes do.

subject posture: her hunch-over doesn't lend well to her stature and increases the overweightness look. she looks very much posed because her whole body seems to be hugging the tree. if caught in this intent naturally, there would be a sense of pushing off or look back the other way. she's got shoulders and body and head all leaning into the tree but she is looking away from the tree. it would look very different if one or some of these were opposite - shoulders pointing away, for example. this would help make it look unposed/natural.

framing/lines: you have some nice framing/balance. the trees vertical lines in the back ending at the centered horizon complement the slant from edge to edge across the frame created by the tree trunk and the subject's back. it's very well balanced. further emphasized by the darker exposure of the green leaves in the upper left corner. again, nice balance.
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