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Bear Mountain Drive SUNDAY 10/07/12

We are trying to set up another Bear Mountain run before the season is over. Our last run was 2 weeks ago and turned out amazing. I believe we had 2 groups that didn't know about each other running meet up at the same time. It was pure coincidense.

I made a post on the m3forums.

Please try and post on the m3forums if you can attend. If you absolutely don't want to make an account there if you don't have one, just post here and I'll add your name there.

I understand that there is an Xoutpost BBQ that same day. Our plan is to do the bear run and possibly drive straight to the BBQ after the run to meet up with the cool folks from the Xoutpost and grab a bite there. Bring some food with you please if you plan on attending the BBQ.


So far we have 5 people attending!