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Originally Posted by Brosef View Post
this is not all that impressive to me. first, there are too many variables to really be impressed by the fact that it beat a scuderia (most notably driver skills, but also tires - this car clearly has slicks). second, it's not even running air filters - let's see how long this motor lasts. lastly, comparing a modified car with a presumably stock car is pointless. I'm sure that an ESS M3 with slicks and a good driver can outlap just about any of those cars mentioned.
Driver skill should not be a big reason because the scuderia driver is the same driver that beat this 350 in his gtr. A majority of cars running in this class is running slicks and the scuderia is probably the only car in this class that is not modded. The z06s and m3s against this were modded. And I doubt the ESS m3 on slicks is going to outrun the gtr.

The owner of the scuderia and gtr is rich. He believes the gtr is a better track car than the scuderia anyways that's why he mods his gtr instead. He was definitely going all out on the scuderia and couldn't even get within 2 seconds of the 350. Afterwards he was just doing relentless burnouts on his scuderia with his hired model sitting beside him LOL he still had the track record with his gtr anyways so he is happy hahah

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