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Originally Posted by biglare View Post
OP.... It sounds like you are more show than go anyways. Wanting 20" wheels and more power under 4000rpms and all. :

If you are going to drive the M3 like a M3 then go for the S/C and enjoy the added power all the way to redline. There are people that will back each S/C company and I'm backing ESS as I had it on my E90 M3 and loved the added gobs of power. Both ESS and VF offer an upgrade option if you want more power later, but I'm not site about G-Power. However, look at the power that the ESS entry-level kit is putting down. You'd have to upgrade the VF entry level kit just to compete with the power the ESS-535 kit is putting down. Just sayin!

At any rate there are plenty of guys on this forum to set up some ride-alongs, so meet up and test em out!

Anyone with a S/C entry level kit can hook this member up with a ride-along?

first i know wheels wont help depending on the weight specially 20s im not a fan of 20s always go with 19s but IF DTM just look awesome..

on the other hand i want more torque down low for city driving i know all superchargers would give good power for the track at the high end but this wont help in the city. anyways i know its a lost case getting power down low and hey im not complaining i was just asking for some input and if maybe a supercharger would make a difference.... im pretty sure no one with or without a supercharger would keep driving their car on public roads while keeping the car in high rpm all the time especially if you have a loud exhaust plus ppl would think you can drive (been asked countless times if it was V6).

back to the point if i was going to pick a supercharger from the list now i would say ess is my first pick price wise and power. after all they sold the most kits out of everyone like 60+ if not more (read it in a forum) as for evolve's one i hear great thing about their product and customer service so maybe by next summer they will have their kit out.