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New E93 Owner - Exhaust Break-In?

I recently got a '13 E93 M3 and I only have around 340 miles on the car at the moment. I have noticed that the breaks, tires, and engine have all been breaking in very nicely.

I have been considering modifying the exhaust and I have done hours of research. I notice that most people say that aftermarket exhausts "break-in" and gradually become louder. I was hoping someone could help me with the following exhaust questions:

1) Does the original exhaust also go through a break-in that will gradually make it louder?
2) If the original exhaust does go through a break-in period then roughly how many miles does the break-in period require for the exhaust to reach its proper sound level?

I'm asking because I'm thinking it might make sense to wait until the exhaust is completely broken in before I spend money on an exhaust mod (at least it might make sense if there might be a noticeable difference upon break-in)?

Thanks for everyone's help - I appreciate it,