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New E93 Owner - Odd Question - 1200 Mile Service

So I just got my '13 E93 M3 about 3 weeks ago. I now have exactly 337 miles on the car and I drive it in city only and for very short distances only. I drive it pretty hard (I'm currently averaging 9.6 MPG), at least as far as the break-in guidelines go, and I was watching the maintenance clock run down for my 1200 mile service.

Yesterday I could have sworn that it showed 600 miles left, which makes sense because of my driving style. Tonight I get in my car and instead of showing the countdown it now just says Service when I first start it up. That Service disappears within a few seconds, so I'm guessing it's trying to tell me to get my 1,200 mile service done. I have 3 questions:

1) (This is my odd question) - Is it possible that I'm supposed to take my car in for my "1200 mile service" at only 337 miles?!? I would understand if it was 800 or 900 miles but 337 miles?!? Or is it more likely that something else (potentially bad) is going on? There are no other warning lights either at startup or while driving. Aside from the car idling a little rough since I bought (it typically idles at around 500-600 RPMs - doesn't bounce around but feels a little rough), I haven't noticed anything wrong with it all.
2) Given that it is now saying "Service" instead of the countdown clock, is there any way for me to see the countdown so I can take it in when it gets to 0? I think my E46 M3 would count all the way down to 0 (or at least much closer to it than 500 miles!) before it no longer showed the countdown clock?
3) Should I wait a few hundred more miles before I take it in for my 1200 so I'm at least closer to 1200 miles (say 800 or 900 miles) or should I take it in pretty much right away (ie. soon)?

Thanks for everyone's help,