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Originally Posted by xfirer1guy View Post
VF > ESS because from my understanding if you upgrade the ESS, the plenum has to be changed also. With VF kit, the the 540 and 620 use the same plenum.
We designed our manifolds to be sealed for a couple reasons. First the size of the cooling core we use on our VT2 kits does not allow for a slide in application. If we would have gone this route our cooler would have had to have been reduced in size and that simply was not an option. The second reason is we felt better having a sealed manifold design and not one that could be exposed to pressure leaks with a removable door or tray. Is it a little more work to upgrade? sure you have to exchange the VT1 manifold for a VT2 when you upgrade but we feel confident that our design allows for max power and cooling with min boost levels on this motor.

Performance and reliability are always a top priority and as you can see in the latest EAS dyno shootout our non intercooled VT1-535 kit held up pretty darn good to some of the much higher rated stage 2 intercooled kits.

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