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I hate people... especially this woman in particular. Some people think a car is a car and it is the norm for bumpers to kiss. Well , WTF NO, its not normal. Many women have this logic: "If the car has no broken glass, or isn't on fire, then thank god, phew, close call, I can drive away, nothing happened!" Yeah well I'll just pay 1000+ for a brand new rear bumper lady thanks.

Was sitting down in a local pizzeria at around 3:45....whole place was empty. I park my car in front along the edge of the parking lot so there's no possibility of getting door dings. I ALWAYS sit at a window that my car can be seen from. One because I enjoy staring at it and two so people can't pull a hit and run or something of that sort. Since it was as empty restaurant and no cars were around, I didn't mind sitting down without having a great view of my car. As I am leaving the restaurant a friend comes running up to me from a gas station right next door and says, "dude, that bitch just backed into your car and left." (That moment when you turn to look at your car and your anticipating the damage)It has been raining all day so I don't have a great picture but the damage is big dent and that area of bumper is extremely bumpy now with screwed up paint. He said she was on the phone. Tomorrow I am going to the gas station right next door, they have cameras that I am 99% sure captured her leaving, hopefully I get her plate number and it will be resolved via HER insurance/money, not mine. Stupid fucking people. I was kicking myself after for not sitting at a window right next to my car. People have no ethics I swear. The stupid lady was right next to me inside the restaurant. How do you hit and run a parked car without guilt, let alone a 70K dollar car. Oh yeah, she's one of those boring/plain elderly women, she could have hit a 98' civic and reacted the same way. Police report has been filed. Hopefully I find this piece of crap.
I feel your pain somewhat not as severe an experience as yours ..but I came out of a spot one night to find a chic sitting on top of my hood ..i went up to her and was like "do you mind?..thats an aluminum bends easy" and she looked at me like i was f@kin inconveniencing her or I picked up her pocket book and threw it across the street ..a screaming and shoving match ensued..finally she ran her ass across the street to fish her bag. I drove away laughing the whole time.

Disclaimer: I dont hate women quite as much as the OP/