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Originally Posted by jetpilot747 View Post
It's not really a rocket on the straight away, purpose built track car and not drag. Just sharing this guy's build even though it may not be able to beat some heavily modded e92 m3's, its still a force to be reckoned with on the track.

Owner is from Canada and there were no M3's that came close. This 350 actually beat z06's, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, GT-R and other higher end cars. The only car that beat this 350 was another heavily modded Nissan GT-R. Im sure there are heavily modded e92 M3's in the US that can take this car but still very impressive IMO for a $15K used car that was built from the ground up.
impressive for a ground up build!

really, scuderia was skool'd - talk about poor driving skills on the scuderia's part. thumbs up on the 350s haha. wow, it took a heavily modded 600+ hp GT-R to beat this guy, I don't what to think about that one.