Thread: BBK or Panerai?
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Originally Posted by WRXXX
Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
LOL yeah because that massive IWC logo really stands out when the watch is on your wrist.
But why so upset? Is that because a rep devalues the exclusivity you hoped you had bought when you blew $massive just to own the genuine article? Bless, must suck to be you.

Yes but you are a douche so who cares.
Tell me you'll appreciate a guy who buys a Fiero and converts the body into a Ferrari. Then tells everyone how much he saved and that Ferrari owners are idiots for buying the real thing. Thought so. You are basically doing the same. LOL, the only thing you can say back at me is the loss of exclusivity and butthurt I got for blowing massive $$ on the real thing? Put it this way, I am more then happy with my watches. I'll buy the real thing again even if there are $100 fakes for me to choose from. You want to wear fake watches? No biggie. Just don't go around talking shit like " wasting $10,000 on a gen watch that probably costs only $500 to produce." to defend yourself. It makes you sound rather ignorant.

You had 9 P-cars? Good for you. It still does not make your penis any bigger. Your douche level has certainly gone up, though.
Well Said!