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FYI. Rattle/Clunk In Drivetrain Of 2012 M3

In case anyone is interested. I've had my M3 since July and from day one I detected an odd little rattle/clunk coming from under the mid-section of the car while going very slowly and engaging/disengaging the clutch. I took the car in for the 2K service and mention the noise. The technician said that was normal for my car. I had the service manager confirm this again while he and I were in the car. Being a skeptical kinda guy, I asked to drive a new manual M3 that was on their lot and sure enough I could produce the same rattle/clunk. Seems that it is some gear in the transmission that vibrates (rocks back and forth) a bit under certain low, slow power transfers (slow clutch engagement). I am resting easier now and have to say that the dealer treated me very well and dealt with all my requests.