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hi, I'm in Gatineau and I just installed a ESS VT1-535 in my manual M3, I don't know for the other kits but I really love mind, it gives plenty of power at all RPM and it's just a animal at high RPM. Also you should consider doing like me for the import of the kit, make it ship to a UPS store right on the other side of the border and go get it yourself, you'll save a lot of shipping, and A LOT of taxes and border fees, that's what i did and it only cost me a couple of $ more then the US retail price for a 2h drive! Also my friend who's a mecanic at Ottos BMW(Ottawa) did the install and really enjoyed the experience, he'd probably be happy to do it for you cheap if you have no one to do it, it's really simple and fast, you could come here in the morning and go back with your car at the end of the day, I'll even go drink a beer with you while he does it! If you have any questions you can PM me no problem, good luck with your decision and no matter which kit you choose, you'll certainly not gonna regret to go FI!!

Edit: by the way I'm french!