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Bottom line is who is fighting for a better climate for businesses that employ. The people in this country can bitch and moan about every specific thing the Gov. does that will directly benefit them, while all the while pissing on any and all things that may actually improve the current situation. Its shortsightedness is what it is....

Lets totally gloss over the fact that Romney is you know....that pesky thing called THE CUSTOMER in this situation. Furthermore i didn't realize garbage men worked for free you know, and out of the goodness of heart you know, keeping the streets clean. You know?

Stuff like this makes me sick because its a blatant emotional attack and nothing more. Who cares if Romney doesn't think about his garbage man, ive never given a thought to mine! Reason? because i PAY FOR THE SERVICE. Romney needs to spend his time thinking about the economy and its affects on the people of this nation, not what some garbage man thinks will help him (outside of picking up the trash that is).