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Actually, the numbers not necessarily imply that this package is a bargain. They are what they are, getting almost $16,000 in parts for $10,000.

Now, if the $10,000 that could be paid for this package have no value for the customer then there is no bargain at all, regardless if it is invoice, MSRP or even for free.

I'm a sucker for Individual interiors, so in this particular case I rather spend those $10,000 in a full leather interior for example. But for somebody else that plunks $10,000 at IND for cosmetic mods without even thinking about it this may be an alternative -and from factory.

Originally Posted by fuddman View Post
Yes, now that Iv'e re-read your comments, I see my error. I stand corrected.

The problem I have with your numbers (and I should have started this way from the beginning) is they make it appear that a Limerock car is a bargain and, while I like the car, it really isn't.
When determining whether or not the Limerock is a good deal over buying a comparably equiped M3, I believe it's more accurate to use invoice comparisons rather than MSPR comparisons.
Your figures, for example, makes it look like it's a real good deal because the base Limerock MSRP, according to your figures, is worth $76,389 ($61,100 +$15,289). BMW, on the other hand, is only charging $70,100 MSRP for their base car. What a deal!
In fact, using invoice prices, a comparably equiped M3 goes for about $70,000 ($55,290 + ~$14,000 in "standard options").
You can see that from an invoice standpoint, whether you buy a base Limerock car for $70,100 or order a similar car from the dealer for $70,000 invoice, dollarwise, it amounts to the same thing. Except you don't get the decals