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Originally Posted by 6spdg37s View Post
The LSx engine platform is awesome ! We recently built a cammed 5.3 which is an LS block engine, and swapped it in a buddy's blazer xtreme with a factory 5-speed transmission. it runs high 12 low 13. fast for a truck.

I may end up getting a c5 or c5Z again next year to build into a nasty track car.

part of the problem with my c6z was, it was at about 500 or little under 500 hp to the wheels. And I was running 11.3 with just an intake, exhaust and tune.
I got flagged a few times at the track and I either had to not race anymore or cut up the interior and get a padded rollcage setup (which I wasnt doing cause the car was expensive) so I figured I would move on for now.

plus definitely will be more comfortable commuting in a m3 than a z06 lol
Should have put the cage in there. Not like it would ruin the car. Remove interior, weld cage in, put interior back in.