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Question Steering Wheel Vibration Issues

I know there have been a multitude of threads on this subject but I would like to post my experience and see if anyone has any advice on how to deal with this.

My vehicle is still under the factory warranty. I purchased it about a year ago and ever since I bought it there has been steering wheel vibration when traveling approximately 75-85 MPH. It was the case with the factory 19" wheels and tires, same wheels with 15mm spacers, and now my APEX ARC-8 wheels (9.5 inch with 265 width Michelin PSS).

I brought my car into the dealership last week, described my symptoms. They reproduced the issue. They agreed to road force balance my wheels, but everything checked out as <15 lbs. However, the service adviser said the tires had "visible radial runout" while spinning.

From my understanding, if there was truly a runout issue, this would manifest as unacceptable road force measurements. Yet, they are trying to blame the wheel/tire assembly as at fault, even though it balances out with a road force balancer. Not to mention the fact I have seen the same issue with completely separate wheels and tires.

How do I go about getting them to find the root cause, instead of this subjective idea of "radial runout" that doesn't actually show up in the data?

UPDATE: Brand new tires, still have the same vibration issue. Wheel/tire assembly really isn't at fault. I'm running out of ideas.

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