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Originally Posted by JoM3z View Post
The Fantastic 4 probably has the sickest AW M3's, although I think it's Fantastic 3 now, since gixxer left. Yeah for Autocross you really don't need a supercharger. You are already doing well with all the mods you have now. Plus driving school, dude you'd def. winning championships soon enough.
Gixxer didnt leave he just moved to edgewater, he just raced his car back in may at NJMP track. I have yet to race the m3 but did in the s2k. But there are a lot of supercharged m3's being raced on the track, the sc definitely helps on the straightaways. But in all honesty, i would rather race in a miata or s2k, there cheaper to race, or maybe a BR-Z, i heard good things about them.