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Originally Posted by dagolfpro View Post
Yes, got it done. KW's are great. He had it set on the recommend settings, but I was bottoming out the front end during my drive on Sunday. So I had him increase the front end rebound and bump. I drove home and its now its many a little too much for DD. I see how it feels after this week.
Darwin will dial it in for you. Is it too firm for daily driving? Maybe once you dial it in, you can switch settings yourself for your sunday drives.

Originally Posted by slicer View Post
Great mods so far! I wouldn't mess with the wheels for a couple of reasons:

1 - I believe that BBS' barrels are fully forged unlike most company's 3-piece barrels which are roll forged. If I'm right, that means that they are stronger which is a good thing on a 20" wheel.

2 - you gain nothing by widening the front wheel. You are limited with tire sizing because you chose a 20" wheel. The widest tire that you can fit up front is 255/30/20. 265/30 is too tall. I wouldn't put a 255/30 on a 10" wheel. You could maybe fit a 275/25 or 285/25 but good luck finding that size and the side-wall will be super thin. You really have much better sizing options with 19" or 18" wheels....

3 - you gain little by widening the rear wheel. IMO the best tire size for 20" wheels is 285/30/20. That will give you the tallest side-wall while still fitting. 295/30 or more is too tall. A 10" wheel is perfect for the 285/30. If you go with a wider tire you will need to step down to a 25-series tire. I ran 305/25/20's when I had 20" wheels because I had a 11" wide rim. It worked fine and it's not a bad approach, but if I were running 20's again, I would chose a 285/30/20 tire and 10" or 10.5" rear wheels.

I hope this helps!
1. Thank you for your kind words And yes, very helpful post. Since I originally posed the question, I've decided to proceed with the rim rebuild. Someone else also thought that BBS barrels are forged. That did play in my decision, but I still decided to go with the rebuild so I will be forgoing that positive aspect. However, I've been running 3-piece 20" rims for quite some time now, and haven't had issues.

2. I am not a big fan of the machined finish that came on the LM-R's so one reason for the rim rebuild was to get a polished or chrome lip on it. Another reason was to see if I could max out the lip size. And with the latter, run a wider tire. I'm going to run a 285/25 up front, or at least try. Probably going with a Michelin PSS. The 285/25 gives a pretty close match to OEM diameter.

3. If I stayed with the 10", I probably would have run a 275/30. Other LM-R owners seemed to encounter rubbing issues with the 285/30. Plan on the 11's is to run a 305/25, but Michelin (so I've heard) is going to phase out the PS2's in that size before making it in a PSS. Currently, it comes in a 295/25 in the PSS variety, so I'll run that until the 305 comes out. 315/25 comes closest to OEM diameter, but I wouldn't be able to fit that wide of a tire under the fender with the offsets I want to run.