Thread: BBK or Panerai?
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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
Get a decent replica watch ( Like my IWC 3717) and save wasting $10,000 on a gen watch that probably costs only $500 to produce.

There are tons of other watch brands out there that make similar looking watches as the IWC pictured but at a fraction of the price. By buying a fake IWC, clearly you want to show the name off but do not want to pay for the real stuff. That in my opinion is pretty sad.

Same for people who wear fake Rolex's. If you like the design so much, there are companies like Bulova or Orient that make similar looking watches at maybe $300-500? Why wear a fake and be labelled as a fake?

Its like those folks who buy a Pontiac Fiero and turn it into a Ferrari. It looks like ass and the only people being fooled are dim wits.