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Originally Posted by tbone28 View Post
If I do go with a rebuild, front offset would be about equivalent 20x10 +20. On the rear, there's room for a 10mm spacer making net offset of +8 on the stock LM-R. I'd do a 20x11 +20 which would be like x10 +8

I'm not sure yet if I will go that route. But my reasons for considering it include:
1) wider rims
2) wider lips
3) being able to go more aggressive on rear without need to run a spacer
4) I'm not completely sold on the lip finish of the LM-R
5) flexibility in fixing a bent barrel/lip on a 3-piece wheel
Great mods so far! I wouldn't mess with the wheels for a couple of reasons:

1 - I believe that BBS' barrels are fully forged unlike most company's 3-piece barrels which are roll forged. If I'm right, that means that they are stronger which is a good thing on a 20" wheel.

2 - you gain nothing by widening the front wheel. You are limited with tire sizing because you chose a 20" wheel. The widest tire that you can fit up front is 255/30/20. 265/30 is too tall. I wouldn't put a 255/30 on a 10" wheel. You could maybe fit a 275/25 or 285/25 but good luck finding that size and the side-wall will be super thin. You really have much better sizing options with 19" or 18" wheels....

3 - you gain little by widening the rear wheel. IMO the best tire size for 20" wheels is 285/30/20. That will give you the tallest side-wall while still fitting. 295/30 or more is too tall. A 10" wheel is perfect for the 285/30. If you go with a wider tire you will need to step down to a 25-series tire. I ran 305/25/20's when I had 20" wheels because I had a 11" wide rim. It worked fine and it's not a bad approach, but if I were running 20's again, I would chose a 285/30/20 tire and 10" or 10.5" rear wheels.

I hope this helps!
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