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Originally Posted by is300wrx View Post
When I picked up my car from the dealership after it was ordered from Germany, I didn't see any window sticker. In the past, the dealership would place the window sticker in the glove box and I would always get to keep it. This was my first time ordering the car as I have always purchased vehicles off the lot.

Is this normal? I have been collecting the window stickers and would one for my car.
The window sticker, I believe, is created and attached at the VPC.
Also, I think, accessories, such as carbon fiber add on's, when ordered prior to production, are attached to the car at the VPC, not at the factory. What you have here appears to be the VPC statement regarding the accessories they put on your car plus some extraneous information.
The dealer, I would guess, needs to go back to the VPC to get you another one.