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Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
Im ok with flush, but stretch and poke is gehtto if you ask me.

245/35/19 19x9 ET 12
265/35/19 19X10 ET 10

My rims and tires are 100% flush.
I am one that believes that stretch/poke depends on the car, the e92 being so big in comparison to its previous model is a definite no no for Poke. I have yet to see an e92 with poke that I like, do you have pics of your set up?

Originally Posted by slicer View Post
I have had 18's, 19's, and 20's. Lots of folks running 18's which look best when running coil-overs. I personally like the track look of the 18's best. As far as sizing.... 10" in the front is the widest I would run and it will require significant negative camber (Nothing new to you judging by your picture). 12" is the widest I have seen anyone run in the rear but I wouldn't go wider than 11". I don't like the stretched look with tons of camber so I think 9.5" is perfect for the front.
This goes back to the ability to enjoy the car, i'll be honest, it's fun driving a quarter inch off the ground in FL because the roads are straight and boring, but I regretted being set up like this when it came for road trips, I want to drive the car, so a set up like my e46 is impractical