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I forgot to get a physical inventory of the vinyl numbers on hand, and half way through assigning numbers, I realized I didn't have enough and had to go scour local office supply stores for them...And the 3" letters are the biggest I could find in quantity.

I planned the last A & B combined session for the end of the day, assuming a handful of students would have left. Otherwise we'd be looking at 27 cars on the relatively short course.

The heat was had I scheduled this on any day within a 10 day range before or after except the Sunday before, it would have been anywhere between 10-20 degrees cooler. I've only been to one event hotter than his, and that was Buttonwillow 3 years ago in the middle of June. But at that one I only had to instruct, not instruct AND wrangle cats.

Crazy hot weather, hope y'all had fun.
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