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TWD presents 2 new Coatings/Sealants

At TWD, we are always testing new products.
We had the chance to test out 2 brand new products that will be released into the Australia market this month.

These are 2 of the newest sealants out there. Very different technologies and slightly different results - BOTH impressive

Car: 2012 BMW 1M in Valencia Orange

Product: Wolf's Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant


Step 1. Full wash & Clay to clean paint work.

Step 2. Apply Wolf's Chemicals Shine & Seal Nano Sealing Polish

We used this to 'jewel' the paintwork. This car was 2 weeks old and needed no paint correction work, but we used this product to further clean the paintwork. Immediately, we added shine and the paint looked wet and felt glossy.
This is a 2-in-1 product. It polishes (very minor/finishing) and seals the paintwork. Apparently, we're looking at 6 months alone just using this product.

Step 3. Apply Wolf's Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant.

Instead of using a hand application pad, we applied the sealant via finishing pad and RO machine.

Final Comments:

Similar to Body Wrap in terms of application, general appearance and depth. The difference is, this product is slicker than the Body Wrap. Also, we have a manufacturer's claim of around 2 years durability and slight scratch resistance

Photo's do not do justice, but here are a couple anyway...more to come:

Car: 2012 Mercedes C250 Coupe in Fire Opal Red

Product: 22PLE VX1 Pro Glass Coating


Step 1. Full wash & Clay to clean paint work.

Step 2. Paint Correction with Menzerna polishes

Why paint correction? Because of the solid colour (non metallic) paintwork, we are able to see any type of imperfection easily. We got it next to perfect before it was covered in the coating.

Step 3. Apply 22PLE Glass Coating Pro.

This was applied by hand using a specialised foam applicator. Curing time prior to removal is around 5 mins (quicker than the Hard Body) so you can only do a couple of panels at a time. Not the easiest product to use.

Final Comments:

Because the car needs to be kept undercover for 8-12 hours, we couldn't really see obvious results until the next day.
Unmatched wet look. Probably the most glossy coating I've seen. Very hard looking layer over the paintwork. Looks like there's water just sitting there on the paint. Not as slick as other products out there, but time will tell as the product fully hardens within 5 days.
Again, the manufacturer claims around 2 or more years durability and slight scratch resistance.

Again, photo's do not do justice, but here are a couple anyway...more to come:

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