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VA Tint laws. new bill question

So I just moved to the state and I keep hearing from everyone that the law is 50% for the driver and passenger side windows. yet I saw in the news that a bill was going though the state legislature to change the law to 35% on all windows. I decided to look up the status of the bill on the website and according to the site the bill already passed through all the phases, passed all votes, and they have sent a letter to the secretary of public safety as well as the Virginia state police notifying them that 35% tint is now legal.

So obviously to me that tells me that 35% tint is legal as of 2/17/11 if that is the day they sent the letter notifying them of the change.

Link to the tracking information and the bill it self.

HB 1728 Vehicle window tinting films; not to be applied to certain windows reducing light to less than 35%.
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SUMMARY AS PASSED HOUSE: (all summaries)
Vehicle window tinting films. Increases the allowed tinting of front side windows so as to reduce permitted light transmittance from the present minimum of 50 percent to a minimum of 35 percent.

Anyone else heard this or have any input?

as far as the legal question. If i get a ticket for having 35% I should be able to have it dropped in court by showing them this passed bill. (given there is no local law on tint) correct?