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Originally Posted by jeremyr4 View Post
Trust me - I can relate. I just sold my '06 M3 Convertible (Silver Gray/Black) and it was my 3rd M3 Convertible since 2002. I literally had a stomach ache the last night before I traded it in, as I loved that car. I still miss a lot of aspects about it, including its "raw" feel.

Picked up a new ('13) E93 M3, which I realize is different than yours. As you already know your new car is very different than your old one. I have had my new car for 3 weeks now and the new car is growing on me every day. The engine on both your new and old car are very special but the V8 is a true beast is a notch up compared to the old one. From one E46 -> E9x owner to another who just went through this experience, the good news is that you'll start to warm up to your new car very quickly - trust me. If ANYONE was a tough sell it was me - I even liked my SMG! Here's a couple of quick tips that might help the transition (although they are clearly 1 person's opinion):

1) It took me 2 weeks to adjust to the new steering and now I find it very good (about 95% as good as the old M3 - and I discovered that keeping it on Normal instead of Sport was a better fit coming from the old car). I started with Sport but then when I switched down to Normal I got used to the steering much more quickly. Who knows - maybe it will work for you as well...
2) I have my suspension on Normal and I feel like it's very similar to the E46 suspension but it's less wearing, which is nice. You might want to try that setting.
3) It's essential that you try Normal, Sport, and Sport Plus for your throttle to see what works best for you. I actually find Sport or Sport Plus works best for me coming from the E46. Sport Plus for my usual spirited driving. Sport is I want to be laid back.
4) I'm planning on modifying the exhaust on my new car for the first time ever, as clearly the E9x is much more insulated than the E46 so you just can't hear as much in the cabin. If you don't feel as connected to the new car and/or you're missing the more raw experience then doing your planned exhaust mod sooner rather than later might help with the transition. I have yet to do mine but I am hoping to get to it in the next 2-3 weeks after I listen to some exhausts in-person.

I hope that helps. Trust me - you will start to love your new car in only days - a couple of weeks tops! Feel free to PM me if there's any way I can help.


Thanks Jeremy.. I really appreciate you taking the time to write all that out, i took some of your tips and definitely enjoying the transition much better.

As for the Exhaust i Just purchased the Gintani Sport dual wall exhaust should be here on friday!

Thanks you all again for the warm welcome and the kind words really appreciate it, -David