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Originally Posted by Bimmer84 View Post
I might head up tomorrow... my buddy said he'd give me a ride and he got an "apartment" for the night. I think it is just one of those hotel rooms that has a living room as well, with two bedrooms. Anyway, he is with his wife and another guy with his wife... so I'll be the 5th wheel. At least I have a place to crash and a ride down... lol
Yeah man, we should've stayed the night. We had a HELL of a time getting back on the train that night. Long story short, it took us almost 10 hours just to get from Stuttgart HBF to K-Town...

Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
hot drunk girls with loose moral attitudes! whats not to love. wish i could just drive on over for the night.
Two thigns I've learned since being in Germany for a month...

Germans can drink! Went to Bad Durckheim, Oktoberfest, then Bad Canstatter back-to-back-to-back weekends. Liver. needs. Break.

German women love to make out! haha