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LTMW | Creaminz visits European Auto Source

Today was hot from the I was thinking...hmmm I should dyno my car I guess the heat got I head over to the EAS...temp shows 94 degrees...ok alright.


As soon as enter the door I was greeted by Steve from EAS, very cool guy by the way. I hand over the key and he got everything setup quick.

I took a quick photo before Steve strap my baby down
very clean shop with lots of goodies and that E92 on the right is just

Looks like the dyno belongs to EAS...badass.

Rice. Bahahahahaha

Legit Dyno setup


Dyno Graph. Two best runs of the day.

Even though it was too hot to do dyno (102 degrees) car put down what it should put down. Those two dyno graphs above shows 100oct + meth but FYI car put down 517.10/458.04 with just 91oct + Meth (STD) so my goal of reaching 500rwhp daily driver has been reached!!

Car feels great, just keeps on pulling. Freeway pulls are just intense! I think those guys over at Vishnu/FFTEC really nailed this one.
This dyno means a lot to me since it was done outside of Vishnu/FFTEC, I always believed when Vishnu has the car, somehow car runs better but now I am a true believer that this Single Turbo kit is LEGIT.
I truly thank guys over at Vishnu Performance & FFTEC Motorsports for making my car perform the way it is today. Incredible.

Huge thanks goes out to Steve, Tom, Robert and other EAS members for such a great customer service. Seriously, this was my first time getting something done by them and I felt like I was treated like a long time customer. I truly appreciate their professionalism. Steve even offered me lunch