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Originally Posted by My3rdM3 View Post
Sorry man, if your most expensive watch is $2,500... you're not a watch guy. I own many watches among them multiple rolexes breitlings, tags and my favorite a panerai 328...definitely not a swinging dick kind of watch, most people are clueless as to what it is and thats why it has turned into my favorite piece I own. I can't remember the last time I wore any of my rolexes.
Wow, I really couldn't disagree with this more. Let's use a car analogy (what the hell, it's a car forum...): You're only a car guy if you're buying cars in the top 1% of price (e.g. Aston, Lambo, Ferrari etc.)? You aren't a car guy if, for example, you're like my buddy and built up a vintage car from the ground up? That's probably only worth $50k, but he cared enough to do it all himself? Or you own Miatas and race them, or your vintage Mustang is your dream car?

Buddy, you're both watch guys if you care - you simply are willing to spend more money on yours.


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